Thursday, September 2, 2010

If You Like to Workout from Home...

If you prefer to work out from home or want to “get in shape” before you go to the gym (silly, but a common complaint), here’s a list of the products you can buy to make it happen. You can do a total body workout with a limited amount of equipment. Pick & choose your favorites from the list below:

All below items can be purchased from: Perform Better! (Perform Better! is having an End of Summer Sale, so many of the items below can be found on sale right now. The prices listed below are the full prices, not the sale prices.)

If you click on the product link you'll be directed to detailed info on each product (picture, price, description, benefits/uses, & sometimes even an intro video &/or exercise sheet that lists a whole workout using the selected item).

I.$25 and under:

a. Mini Band ($2 - $4)
b. GymBoss Interval Timer ($20)
c. JC all purpose exercise band ($25)
d. Dumbbells ($5 - $25/pair, 1-10 lbs)
e. Superband ($12 - $20, 1/2" & 1")

II. $50 and under:

a. Medicine Ball ($20 - $45 for 2-8 lbs)
b. Dumbbells ($30 - $35/pair, 12-15 lbs)
c. Kettlebell ($35 - $50 for 8-22 lbs)
d. ValSlide ($35)
e. Body Bars ($27 - $46, 4-15 lbs)
f. Stability Ball ($26 - $40)

III. $60 and under:

a. Medicine Ball ($60 for 10 lb ball)

IV. $60+

a. Ab-dolly ($90)
b. Dynamax Balls ($70+)
c. Heavy Kettlebell ($60+ for 50+ lbs)
d. BOSU Balance Trainer ($120)
e. Heavier Body Bars ($56+, 18-36 lbs)
f. TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack ($190)

** And when you’re done with your workout, nothing feels better than a good stretch & a “massage” using a foam roller ($10 - $25).


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