Friday, September 10, 2010

Ellen's TGIF Workout #3

GYM BOSS= 30:15 (work for 30, rest for 15); 5 sets= approx 30 min

2 DumbBells (both 10+ lbs)
2 KettleBells (22+ lbs & 53+ lbs)
JC Band (orange or yellow)
BodyBar or Barbell (22+ lbs)

30:15, 5 sets:
Bent over Rows (w/ DBs)
Dead lifts (w/ heavy KB)
Tricep Presses w/ 1 DB OR Bicep Curls w/ DBs [alt. exercises every other set]
Lunge Jumps
Stick Crunches w/ BodyBar
Squats w/ Bar across shoulders
JC Band Sweeps OR JC Band Presses [alternate sets]
Lateral Squats, Lft & Rt for 30 sec (holding lighter KB)

Additional Set (not timed): alternate these two exercises 3x: pushups & pull downs (go as heavy as you can for 6-8 reps on the pull downs).



I did this workout on Mon & felt like I could have worked a bit harder… but the next day my butt & inner thighs were SORE!

GET LOW on your lunge jumps (back knee should almost touch the ground). And you should be getting low on your squats too!! For the squats, you can place a Dynamax ball on the ground & touch your butt to make sure you’re squatting low.


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