Friday, September 17, 2010

Ellen’s TGIF Workout #4

GYM BOSS= 30:15 (work for 30 sec, rest for 15 sec); 5 sets= approx 30 min

2 DumbBells (both 10+ lbs)
2-3 KettleBells (22-27+ lbs “Light/Med” & 35+ lbs “Heavy”)
JC Band (orange+)
BodyBar or Barbell (22+ lbs)
Mini-Band (green+)

30:15, 5 sets:
KB Sumo High-Pulls (Heavy KB)
DB Overhead Situps
Hot-Colds (w/ mini-band around ankles)
KB Curl-Press-Tricep extention (Light/Med KB)
BodyBar Lateral Squats
Core Rows w/ DBs (DB rows in pushup position)
KB Alternating Single-leg Dead lifts (Heavy KB)
JC Band Alternating Swimmers

I did this workout last Fri & the High-Pulls got me sore the next day!!



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