Friday, September 3, 2010

Ellen’s TGIF Workout #2

GYM BOSS= 30:20 (work for 30, rest for 20); 5 sets= 33 min

Dumbbells (10+ lbs)
Mini Band (green)
JC Band (orange)

30:20 (work:rest), 5 sets:
30 sec: Pushups
30 sec: Dead lifts (with DBs)
30 sec: Ab-dolley Pikes
30 sec: 6 Later Raises / 6 Presses (with DBs)
30 sec: Lunge Jumps
30 sec: 6 Sweeps/ 6 Rows (with JC Band)
30 sec: Cross Crunches w/ Band around Arches of Feet (do Rt for 15 sec, then Lft for 15 sec)
30 sec: 6 Hot-Colds & 6 Squat Jumps with or w/o mini-band around Ankles

(Remember: Do each exercise above for 30 sec w/ a 20 sec rest in between each. You’re only doing each exercise for 30 seconds, so MOVE!)

Tip: The crunches mentioned above should be done lying on your back w/ a Mini Band around the arches of your feet. Lay flat on your back with hands behind head, then bend your Rt knee to 90 degrees & touch Lft elbow to Rt knee. Make sure to bring your elbow (& head) flat back on the ground before you begin another crunch.
The band around your feet creates resistance & makes these crunches harder than a typical cross crunch.
Do reps on 1 side for 15 sec, then switch & bend your Lft need to 90 degrees & crunch your Rt elbow to your Lft knee for the final 15 seconds.

** Lastly, CLICK HERE for info on all the equipment listed above. **



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