Saturday, November 27, 2010

Craft Project: Celery Stamp Rosebud Wrapping Paper

While browsing a blog called Creature Comforts I came across an easy craft project. I'm a big fan of craft projects, but rarely do anything crafty anymore. So, when I came across this do-it-yourself wrapping paper project a couple months ago I promised myself I'd try it for Christmas this year & I'm very glad I did; it was a lot of fun :)

After you review the step-by-step directions on the Creature Comforts blog, you may find my tips below to be helpful:

1) I used white Kraft paper purchased from Michael's instead of tissue paper or paper bags. However, I did buy plain gifts bags to stamp too.

2) Some celery stock bases make better stamps than others. I bought six & 3-4 worked very well.

Below is my best stamp. I wiped it off & used it for 2 different colors.

3) I pressed my celery stock stamp into the paint, then gently onto a paper plate to rid it of excess paint. Or, you leave the excess & stamp your paper 2-3 times to make a variety of darker & lighter rosebuds. The lighter rosebuds are perfect for overlapping with other colors. I found that red looked very nice over a shade of light pink.

4) Grouping stamps in threes or fours looks very nice, as opposed to randomly stamping all over the paper.

Below are the colors that worked best for my Christmas wrapping paper. I used different brands of acrylic paint.

I stamped a whole roll of paper that I'll be able to use to wrap presents. Of course, I actually need to do some Christmas shopping now...



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