Friday, May 28, 2010

I Disliked You from Our Very 1st “Hello”

So the title of this blog entry sounds pretty awful, but I’m willing to bet that it’s happened to all of us; I just don’t know what “it’s” actually called. Have you ever met someone & instantly decided that you’d never be friends? I know I have! It’s always kind of confusing & somewhat disappointing. Let me be more specific… There’s a woman who works in my office building who always used to rub me the wrong way; I just wasn’t getting a warm fuzzy vibe from her. She never did or said anything mean… I just didn’t have a good feeling about her & I never really knew why. At that point in time we had never said more than “hi” to each other. Then more recently we had an actual discussion. I figured that I was going to see her around the office building a lot so I might as well make an effort to get to know her. So, I started chatting to her & she tried to “one up” me the whole conversation! It was so awkward! I kept trying to find things in common with her & when I did, she’d say something to one up me! So that just confirmed my initial gut reaction right from the start. Then after that first conversation we ran into each other at a local restaurant that turns into a bar later in the evening. My group of friends & I were sitting at a large table just finishing up a late dinner, around 9:30 PM or so. She & her girl friends were out for drinks & had obviously had a lot more to drink than my group of friends. Well, to make a long story short, she sat down at our table & while I wasn’t even paying attention to her (actually, I was playing on my phone), she looked right at me & said, “You think I’m a B*&%$ don’t you? Well, you don’t have to be jealous of me, I’m married; I’m not trying to steal your man.” It was absolutely ridiculous! I gave her this WTF look & asked if she was confused & didn’t remember that she knows me from where we both work. (I thought that maybe she was so drunk she just didn’t remember that we had met before…) She just kept repeating that she was married & has kids and that I don’t need to be jealous of her. I was absolutely dumbfounded. I took the high road & just laughed & said “trust me, I have absolutely nothing to be jealous of” & I jokingly said, “Girl you’re crazy, I think you’ve just had too much to drink”. But secretly I was thinking: see! I knew right from the start that I was never going to like this girl!

So, what exactly was that initial feeling/reaction I had to that woman? How did I know right from the start that we would never be buddies? I’m just going to chalk it up to women’s’ intuition!

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