Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Married Gals vs. Single Gals

My husband, Ben, & I will be married 2 years this September. It has become glaringly obvious that I don’t party as much with my single gals. There seems to be this married vs. single tension among girl friends that I wasn’t aware of until I tied the knot. Maybe you’ve noticed this as well among you & your girl friends. I know you single girls think that we (the married gals) have turned into old hags who don’t know how to have a good time anymore, but that just isn’t so. The truth is this: you’re right, we don’t want to party as much as we did when we were single & we don’t want to stay out until the bar closes every time we go out. HOWEVER, we do still want to go out & we can stay out late (when we want to, not every single weekend)! The key here is everything in moderation. Us married gals still know how to party & we still love to party, But let's be honest here-

When you're married there's really no reason to regularly force yourself to:
“single gal night”

-party hard until 2 AM
(& regret it the next morning)
-in a crowded bar
(what?? I can’t hear you!)
-full of obnoxious drunk people
(ya know, the drunk girl or rude guy who bumps into you every 5 seconds causing you to spill your drink)

When you could be:
“married gal night”

-partying until midnight or so
(& still have the energy to work out the next morning)
-in a more intimate environment
(where you can actually carry on a conversation)
-where your company is limited to the people you actually want to spend time with
-oh & one more bonus here: you can still dress sexy, of course, but there’s no reason to wear 5 inch feels, a mini skirt, & “boob top” to fit in with all the other girls in the bars.

Ok now before you single girls think I’m majorly hating on you, let me say this: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the single gal night described above! The problem is when the single girls don’t understand why the married girls don’t always want to join in. Instead of planning a night to go out around 10 PM until 2 AM, plan a night to go out for dinner @ 7:30 followed by drinks. That way the girls who want to party hard can keep on drinking while the other girls can choose to go home whenever they please. This way the girls get to have a girl’s night & spend time together, & everyone is included.

I want to conclude by saying that us married girls do still like to party late (& party hard); we just don’t want to do it all the time. Well, maybe some married women do, but this married gal doesn’t. When I was single I spent a ton of money on “going out” clothes & drinks at the bars. But once I got married the bar seemed less important (after all, I’ve got my man!) & the people I spend my time with became a lot more important. So if you single gals want to spend a late night out bar hopping in search of the best “crowd” (aka hotties), that’s totally cool; just don’t hate on us married gals if we’d rather be doing something else!


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