Monday, June 14, 2010


1) Online Clothing Company: PLUM PRETTY SUGAR

-Bohemian-inspired tunics, dresses, tanks, robes, lounge wear, etc. Super soft cotton & silk- most were purchased from trips to India.
-I love how they advertise sets that are perfect for wedding parties & wedding events- great gift ideas!! (MOB set, bridesmaid set, honeymoon set, getting ready set, etc.)
-Take a peek at Plum Pretty Sugar’s feedback on their Etsy site- 100% positive!

* BELOW PICS: Plum Pretty Sugar tank (pattern/color: "darling jardin bleu")

This tank is very versatile. The fabric is beautiful, but very sheer. It can be worn as a pajama top (they sell matching lounge pants) or as a regular tank with jeans/shorts/capris.

2) Website:

-An online community where you can buy (or sell) everything from vintage jewelry to “Geekery” (like cassette vinyl decals).
-You can browse items via Category (like weddings, holidays, furniture, pets), Color, Editors’ Picks, Featured Sellers, Locally (just type in the name of your city to shop locally), or post a request for an item you’d like someone to hand make for you under “Alchemy”, etc.

3) Funny Website:

-You can probably guess the premise of this website. Choose either “Got a Notice?” or “Give a Notice.” & let the fun begin! (Well unless of course you actually did get a notice…) You can print parking notices to inform someone of their a*hole status & how to improve upon their a*hole parking job. Just slap the notice right on the car’s windshield! Common notices include: a little too close, too close to my driveway, over the painted lines, diagonal parking (cool car or not so cool car). HA!

4) Local Va Bch coffee shop (& more): PERKED UP!

-Homemade muffins. Home of the best muffin I’ve ever had. Ever. Freshly baked muffins vary in flavor daily, but here are some of my favorites: Blueberry, apple oatmeal cinnamon, chocolate chip, & cinnamon streusel.
-Best cupcakes in town. Have you noticed that our local cupcakeries are not worth the calories? Perked Up! Features The Precious Cupcake & these mini babies are DELICIOUS!
- OK so it’s not all about the food (I guess). Perked Up! Also serves coffee, espresso, lattes/cappuccinos, frozen coffee drinks, hot & iced tea, chai lattes, & smoothies (Not real fruit though. The only bummer about this place.)
-Links for more info on Perked Up!/The Precious Cupcake:
*Perked Up! On Yelp:
*The Precious Cupcake:
(Within a 20 miles radius & for a $5 charge, they’ll deliver the cupcakes to your front door!)


-100-calorie flatbread for sandwiches, burgers, mini pizzas, etc. A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without bread. Arnold’s Sandwich Thins have less calories, less sugar, & less fat than regular slices of bread. They taste great too!
-Honey Wheat, Whole Grain White, Multi-Grain, & Seedless Rye
*check out the Arnold Bread website for nutritional info, product locator, & tasty ideas.


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