Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Favorite 45 Minute Workout

40:10 “Finisher” Sets
(work for 40 seconds, rest for 10; Do each set 2x before you move on to the next set. Total work time: 40 min.)

DUMBBELLS: 12-15 lbs (2) "DB"
KETTLEBELL: 50+ lbs (1) "KB"
BODY BAR: 18 lbs+ (1)
MINI-BAND: green or blue
JC BAND: orange or yellow
PHYSIO BALL (exercise ball)
BOSU (balance trainer)

*For my local friends: Wareing's Gym has all the equipment you'll need. I like to set up my own little "station" in a corner of the fitness room. Gyms in other cities should have all the equipment listed above as well. If you buy everything on your own for your home, it can get expensive. But keep in mind that all the exercises below can be modified (use dumbbells instead of a kettlebell, for example).

*Modify weight to suit your own needs. Don't use your max weight b/c you'll be doing a bunch of reps in 40 seconds, fast-paced. But it shouldn't be easy either- challenge yourself.

Set 1
Single leg fwd lunge w/ DB Bicep curl (Rt leg)
Single leg fwd lunge w/ DB Bicep curl (Lft leg)
Sumo Squats (w/ heavy KB)
Squat Hold

Set 2
Lateral Raises w/ DBs
Overhead Press w/ DBs
Squat Jumps

Set 3
Walking lateral lunge (Lft leg) *can hold DBs
Walking lateral lunge (Rt leg)
Stick crunches w/ Bar

Set 4
Inner thigh squat (squat, open & close knees, mini-band above knees)
Hot-Colds w/ mini-band above knees
Forearm plank

Set 5
BOSU opposite knee to elbow
BOSU squats (flat side up= more challenging)
JC band sweeps
JC band flies

Set 6
Russian Twists w/ DB
Bent over Rows w/ DBs
Single leg dead lifts w/ DBs (Rt leg)
Single leg dead lifts w/ DBs (Lft leg)

Set 7
JC Rotation (Rt)
JC Rotation (Lft)
Push ups

Set 8: Triple Threat w/ Physio Ball (not timed)
10 Hamstring Curls
10 Bent leg bridge
10 Straight leg bridge

40-10: sprint-rest (2x)



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